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#4MFr - Girls in the News, Period

#4MFr Four-Minute-Friday: DragCenter-ic news and views. In this episode, updates on Manila Luzon and her “period” gown, and 11-year-old Drag Queen Desmond Is Amazing finds herself in the conservative news. Also, Lady Bunny is finally dead! Well, that’s maybe not quite right…All this and more, in just 4 mins.

#3MTh - "Super Drags": It Sags, and Upcoming Gags

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. We’re back! Highlights this week include a quick review of Super Drags on Netflix, starring Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj and Shangela…as well as other drag-related shows to watch on Netflix; Katya’s upcoming gig on HBO; some shade from RuPaul; and “thank God for Holi-slay”. All this and more, in just 3 mins.

#3MTh - B.O.O.M.

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. Highlights this week include B.O.O.M and more updates and threats from #theTyraSanchezExperience, and Willam Belli blows republicans for money. All this in 3 minutes or less.