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#3MTh - Herstory Making, Shade Giving - 326

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. In this episode: RPDR11’s Yvie Oddly’s (and everyone’s) issues with Fashion Photo Ruview, Alaska hosts a new type of Drag pageant, Monet takes issue with racists, and Honey Davenport says you didn’t really see her best bits. All this and more, in just 3 mins.

#3MTh - Thankful as F___!

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. It’s the day of the feast y’all, and we are giving some thanks for Katya on HBO, Jiggly and Peppermint on NBC, and Ru and Raja on Fox. Come through CBS and ABC! We also give you a few ideas to escape from your Holiday Table of Angst. All this and more, in just 3 mins.

#3MTh - Back with a Vengeance

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. Highlights this week include what’s going on with Queens RuPaul, Eureka, Shangela, Kim Chi, Mayhem, Trixie Mattel, Katya, Detox, Tempest Du Jour and Raja. We talk Holiday Parties, Election Day tweets, live feeds and some animated prime time…everything but the kitchen sink, and who knows? Katya just might be wearing that…all in 3 mins (and a bit more).