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#3MTh - The Eight Queens of Christmas

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. In this episode, an update on Gia Gunn’s newest issue with RuPaul and the AS4 promo, talk about The Eight Queens of Christmas (#eightqueensofchristmas) and tell you how to win one of our new DragCenter t-shirts just for loving one of the girls! All this and more, in just 3 mins.

#3MTh - Thankful as F___!

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. It’s the day of the feast y’all, and we are giving some thanks for Katya on HBO, Jiggly and Peppermint on NBC, and Ru and Raja on Fox. Come through CBS and ABC! We also give you a few ideas to escape from your Holiday Table of Angst. All this and more, in just 3 mins.

Holi-Slay Baes (a preview)

A preview of RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular contestants. Rob and Eustace discuss the 8 contestants for the Christmas Crown, what they expect from the one-hour special, and who they think might be the winner — with only their wits and memories to guide them. Also, find out more about our #instapoll. All this, and more.

#3MTh - "Super Drags": It Sags, and Upcoming Gags

#3MTh DragCenter-ic news and views. We’re back! Highlights this week include a quick review of Super Drags on Netflix, starring Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj and Shangela…as well as other drag-related shows to watch on Netflix; Katya’s upcoming gig on HBO; some shade from RuPaul; and “thank God for Holi-slay”. All this and more, in just 3 mins.